Section 2 – Dovecote Lane to Chilwell Manor Golf Club

Thank you for your interest in commenting on this scheme. Before proceeding to the survey questions, please take a moment to read a description of the scheme and view the plans.

Proposals are subject to further detailed design and comments received during this consultation will support this.

This section of the proposed scheme will upgrade the existing segregated facilities through Beeston and will link to the National Cycle Network 6. Proposals include:

  • A new toucan crossing 45m southwest of the Dovecote Lane and Queens Road West junction;
  • Upgrades to the existing segregated facilities on the south-eastern side, between Queens Road West and Chilwell Manor Golf Club, creating a fully segregated 2-way cycling facility, next to the pavement, with minor sections of shared use facility;
  • Removal of the dual carriageway to accommodate the new cycling facility and a create a new green space;
  • Introduction of a 30mph speed limit on the A6005 Queens Road West and B6464 Bye Pass Road up to Dovecote Lane, subject to the TRO process;
  • Planting of at least 25 new trees to replace those that need to be removed;
  • Prohibition of the right turn into Meadow Lane for westbound traffic; and
  • Installation of traffic lights at the Queens Road West/Bye Pass Road junction. This will:
    • enable signal-controlled pedestrian crossing facilities to be installed to assist those who cannot access the pedestrian bridge
    • allow vehicles to turn right into and out of the B6464 Bye Pass Road, improving access for residents
    • address safety concerns.

Please ensure your response is submitted by Tuesday 31st May 2022 the replies will be reviewed and fed back to Nottinghamshire County Council, to inform the decision-making process.

The plan for this section of the proposed scheme, and visualisations for this section of the route, can be viewed below.

Virtual 2D View