Section 1 – Lower Road to Dovecote Lane

Thank you for your interest in commenting on this scheme. Before proceeding to the survey questions, please take a moment to read a description of the scheme and view the plans.

Proposals are subject to further detailed design and comments received during this consultation will support this.

This section of the proposed scheme will upgrade the existing route that connects Beeston to Nottingham and the National Cycle Network Route 6. Proposals include:

  • Reconfiguration of the existing bus stop layby on Middle Street to provide a new section of fully segregated cycling facilities;
  • Upgrades to the existing on-carriageway cycle lanes between Station Road and Hallam Road;
  • A new section of on-carriageway cycle lanes, on both sides of the road, to be created between Styring Street and Dovecote Lane;
  • Alterations to the existing pedestrian crossing facility at Styring Street; and
  • A signed only cycle route to be implemented on Dovecote Lane, subject to the results of the consultation.

Additionally, if approved, Nottinghamshire County Council’s Active Travel Fund Tranche 2 scheme to reduce traffic on Dovecote Lane will complement these proposals, creating a quiet cycle route to and from Beeston town centre.

Please ensure your response is submitted by Tuesday 31st May 2022 the replies will be reviewed and fed back to the County Council, to support the decision-making process.

The plan for this section of the proposed scheme can be viewed below.