Transforming Cities Fund

Transforming Cities Fund

In June 2020, Nottingham and Derby City Councils received unprecedented financial backing from the Government when it gave the green light to a massive programme of transport improvements, funded through the Department for Transport’s Transforming Cities Fund.

This £161m package of schemes will strengthen connections between major employment sites, upgrade public transport, and improve options for people on foot or bike – an increasingly important investment to improve connections between the two cities. Increasing walking and cycling, particularly for short journeys, plays a key role in national and local strategies to address climate change, improve the environment, support the economy, improve health and wellbeing, and create thriving communities.

One of the major projects included in the package is the construction of a strategic cycle network linking Nottingham to Derby. Nottinghamshire County Council has been working with the City Council to devise a route that would offer maximum benefit to local residents, helping to improve existing local links and create new ones.

The corridor forms part of the county council’s strategic cycle network. The route has been chosen because it passes through Toton, Chilwell and Beeston, and connects them to local residents, helping to improve existing local links and create new ones.

Via East Midlands, working on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City Council, would now like your views and comments on the current proposals for the A6005 Cycle Corridor scheme. This will assist in further developing the design. Proposals are subject to change through the detailed design process, and comments received during the consultation process will help inform this.

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